Warsops Instructor meets Frank Bruno

North Midlands instructor John Whitton gets a suprise visitor to his work place, non other that the legendary heavy weight boxer Frank Bruno.

John takes up the story.

"Struck lucky today whilst at work as you will soon see.

Whilst checking on some landscape work at a establisment the site manager claimed frank bruno had just gave him a signed autographed photo of him, at first i did not beleive him till he produced the evidence. I asked if i could meet him and the reply was i dont think so he's busy, but me being me, I waited till site manager had disappeared and low and be hold frank was sat in a room looking out the window.

I then called out franks name and he came to the door and asked what up mate. I asked if he would not mind me having my photo taken with him. His reply was have you a camera and some one to take the photo. My answer was yes, so i fetched a work college had my photo taken and had a laugh and joke with him".


Submitted by john whitton
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