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Thursday 30 July 2015 - 13:18:21

Dear Student,

At the last black belt grading pre-training sessions we introduced the double session.

This was done primarily due to the large volume of both entries for the black belt grading and the 2nd kup/1st kup training sessions.

On the whole this system proved successful and seemed to improve the running of all of the various groups involved. However, if and when you are grading for black belt or a higher dan grade, please observe the following.

The system which is best for the student who is grading, in order, is;

1. to attend all three pre-training sessions as planned and set out for the North Midlands region. 
These are the three compulsory sessions as set by the T.A.G.B.

2. if unable to attend any one of the pre-training sessions it is better to attend another black belt grading pre-training session run by the T.A.G.B. in another area (proof of attendance still required).

3. if unable to attend any one of the pre-training sessions, to then attend a double session.
However, please remember that this session is geared towards the 2nd and 1st kups who are not grading and therefore this would not be the best option for student’s preparing for the black belt grading.

Please note. If you decide to opt for the double session then you must first request permission to do so.

You must submit, to your instructor, your reason for why you cannot attend one of the pretraining sessions. Your instructor will then forward your requst for consideration. Please let your instructor know as soon as possible and you will find the pre-training dates on the North Midlands website at

This ruling takes immediate effect, commencing this September/October and will apply to all future black belt grading pre-training sessions. 

North Midlands Development Committee

This news item is from North Midlands TaeKwonDo
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