AREA COMPETITION TRAINING will be on from this Saturday at Bilborough Sports Centre Studio.

This is World Championships year, and so so an opportunity for any serious players to get some extra skills training.

With another anniversary event planned for 2013, Danny will be starting to think about team memeber so we are not caught cold should an area team championship get announced.

Saturday 2nd February 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 2nd March 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 6th April 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 11th May 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 1st June 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 22nd June 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 6th July 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 12th October 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Saturday 16th November 2013 - 10am - 12.00 noon
Ralph Minott Area Competition Manager
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First Black Belt training lesson

Re-Schedualed to Feb 16th 2013
Master Towndrow Black Belt Training Lessons

Lots of Instructors and students have been asking for it so here it is.
The first lesson will now be on 16/02/2013 starting at 11am through to 2pm.
In the new;
Arc Leisure Matlock,
Bakewell Road,

Cost: £15.00p per person for the three hours.

This Lesson is open to North Midlands instructors and students 2nd Kup and above. The lesson will be "Core Principle" based, and as such will be suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
Master Towndrow will be addressing the following areas:

The Basics: The core principles of Taekwon-do, how to 'tweak' your techniques to assist in efficient Taekwon-do practice.

Power Generation: Use your updated knowledge of the core principles within your techniques to increase power delivery. We will be putting theory into practice by working in groups, testing our updated techniques on Student's focus pads and the Strike Research pad.

Technical Kicking: This section will address the correct execution of kicks for Linework, Patterns and Breaking. You will learn the correct body positioning to maximise the efficiently of your kicks. You will have plenty of time to work with a partner to fine tune your kicks against round student's focus pads (Please bring your round pad with you).

Question time: to finish the lesson Master Towndrow will address any questions that you may have regarding the content of the lesson or Taekwon-do techniques in general. Your questions will be warmly welcomed.
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North Midlands Competition Training

North Midlands Competition Training at Whitchurch Tae KwonDo School on Saturday 3rd November 2012

Dear Student

I would like to invite you to North Midlands Competition Training at Whitchurch Tae Kwon Do School on Saturday 3rd November 2012.

North Midlands Competition Training sessions are supervised by North Midlands Squad & Sport Manager, Master Ralph Minott and Mr Danny Pearson, North Midlands Area Coach.

North Midlands Competition Training will benefit all levels.  Your physical fitness will improve, your technical ability will get sharper and you will learn new things.  Anyone who has a currently valid TAGB licence, training regularly with their own Instructor can attend these sessions. 

Please bring along:
* Dobok Bottoms
* T-Shirt
* Sparring Equipment
* Round Focus Pad
* Water and 'Lots of Energy'

This session will be held at Whitchurch Leisure Centre on Saturday 3rd November 10am till 12noon at the cost of £7.00.

Please get permission from your instructor.

Whitchurch Sports & Leisure Centre
Sir John Talbot School
Heath Road
SY13 2BY

Carl Rudolf, 4th Dan, Instructor
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First Aid Course

Date: Saturday 4th August
Venue: Arc Leisure Matlock DE4 3AZ
Time: 11.00am - 03.00pm

This course is for all North Midlands instructors and assistant instructors who need to either renew or gain their certification.
Instructors, please forward names of those wishing to attend to Mr Coleman  at t.coleman© by Saturday 28th July.
Below is a list of all those who attended the last course in July 2009, and a link to a form for the course.


Link to Form

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North Midlands T.A.G.B.
is a region of the Taekwon-Do Association of Great Britain.
this is a member of the the governing body for Taekwon-Do
The British Taekwon-Do Council & recognised by Sport UK.