Saturday 5th July North Midlands competition training

Saturday 5th July North Midlands competition training at Whitchurch Tae Kwon Do. 10am - 12 noon
Whitchurch Sports and Leisure Centre,
Sir John Talbot School,
Heath Road,
Whitchurch Shropshire,
SY13 2BY.
North midlands competition training sessions are supervised by north midlands Squad & Sport Manager Master Ralph Minott and Mr Danny Pearson North Midlands Area Coach.

North midlands competition training will benefit all levels. Your physical fitness will improve, your technical ability will get sharper, you will learn new things, you'll be given the opportunity to take your performance to a new level and you'll meet some great people on the day.Anyone who has a currently valid TAGB license, training regularly with their own Instructor can attend these sessions.

The cost is £7 Please bring along:
* Dobok Bottoms
* T-Shirt,
* Sparring Equipment
* Round Focus Pad
* Water and 'Lots of Energy'!
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North Midlands T.A.G.B.
is a region of the Taekwon-Do Association of Great Britain.
this is a member of the the governing body for Taekwon-Do
The British Taekwon-Do Council & recognised by Sport UK.